Best of Perkowitz

The songs I consider my best over the years.

Blue Monday

I've always had a thing for New Order's "Blue Monday" and have covered and remixed it multiple times over the years.

Cluster (1997)

Rhythm-heavy tracks, drum machine techno with a bit of house and electro. Cluster, Vithwan, and Karthak are from my 1998 release on 1200 records; the others were recorded around in the same time in a similar style.

Colony (2011)

Songs intended to evoke the mood of space exploration, being a very small presence in the vast sea of space and alien worlds. Downtempo and moody.


Covers of songs I've recorded over the years, mostly the kind of synth-pop that inspired me to love music in the first place.

Major Tom (2002)

My covers of the classic Peter Schilling track, with vocals by John Felthous.

Math (1999)

Minimal and moody electro-ish tracks from 1999. Relying heavily on the 808, often with pitched drum samples as melodic elements.

Music for the Fourth Trimester (2008)

Harvey Karp's The Happiest Baby on the Block presents his special guaranteed procedure for calming your baby's crying. it's all based on his theory that the first three months are like the fourth trimester -- the baby would rather still be in the womb, so the best thing you can do to calm them is simulate the womb. this translates to things like swaddling, rocking, and white noise. I decided to make some music that would sound like the womb -- basically ambient stuff with an emphasis on white noise. I've added in other low-frequency noises, beats like a heartbeat, and samples of things like movie dialogue or favorite songs that I hope will be soothing. More info about these recordings in my blog.

MVMT (2013)

Style and instruments inspired by early New Order, particularly Movement.

Noisefloor (1995-8)

Older stuff, from when my main expressive tools were a drum machine and a distortion pedal. These techno tracks mostly feature 808, 909, Waldorf Microwave, lots of overdrive, and a Lexicon Vortex.


Minimal, tidy techno, including a couple of technoed-up synthpop covers.

Old is New (2009)

After years of making music by sitting in front of a computer, I've been trying to get back to my roots and fiddle with boxes with knobs on them -- both because it's more fun and because I haven't the time or energy to make music via word processing. The result? A lot of minimal 303 + drum machine tracks.

Perkowitz vs. Phenix (2005)

Ben Phenix and I passed some minimal acidy tracks back and forth in 2005.

Psycho Killer Remixes (2011)

I've always loved the "Stop Making Sense" version of this, featuring just David Byrne and an 808. I finally had to see what I could do with it. Plus, a bonus remix of Life During Wartime.


Songs in which I limited myself to four acoustic (or, in my case, faux-acoustic, since I didn't have an actual quartet at hand) instruments, typically cello, violin, viola, and piano.

Queen vs. Kraftwerk (2006)

Mashups of Queen and Kraftwerk songs. The idea started with "We Will Techno-Pop You" and just grew from there, like a mold. The original QvsK page.


Songs I (re)arranged for my band R.U.R. and recorded with our singer John Felthous.


Songs that remind me of the sound and mood of rain falling on a slow gray day. A familiar feeling for a Seattle musician.


My remixes of various songs over the years. Most of the time, my goal is to rearrange the song a bit for the way I like to mix when DJing and to emphasize a groove I really like while eliminating stuff I find annoying.

Resection (2011)

Remixes of three songs by Section 25, including their classic "Looking from a Hilltop".

Robots (2004)

I like robots. I like songs about robots. These are some songs about robots.

Same Channel Buddy (2002)

Some vaguely dub-influenced tracks.


Mixes and live sets I've recorded.

Six Problematic Drum Machines (2011)

Coaxing minimal, downtempo tracks out of ailing drum machines is hard but rewarding work.

Treatment (1999)

All the songs from Treatment are named for mild forms of depression or chemical treatments for it. They are a bit moody, but all have bouncy rhythms and bass, so any message is a mixed one at best. Treatment includes some of my favorite recordings ever.


Various uncategorized stuff.

Waters (1998)

Various moods from 1998.