Live @ Peloton Everything Electric 2013-02-28
00:00 Outside the Dome
05:27 Astray
08:10 Timelapse
13:28 Invaders
19:45 Walkin’ Out
26:07 Voodoo
30:14 Keep Driving
34:50 Night Fires
39:33 Mutiny
44:59 Energy
47:48 Without You Here
52:51 So Cold (Blue Monday)
59:33 It’s More Pressure to Compute
64:51 Psycho Killer Remix
69:59 Looking from a Hilltop Remix
75:07 Dream On Remix

Original versions: Outside the Dome, Astray, Timelapse, Invaders, Walkin’ Out, Voodoo, Keep Driving, Night Fires, Mutiny, Energy, Without You Here, So Cold (Blue Monday), It’s More Pressure to Compute, Psycho Killer, Looking from a Hilltop, Dream On.

Recorded by March, 2013